TRE®: Tension ∙ Stress ∙ Trauma Release

The natural, physical approach to stress and anxiety release.

TRE® is a revolutionary approach that deliberately uses the body’s own innate process of involuntary shaking and tremoring in a safe and controlled way to physically release the effects of chronic stress and unresolved trauma including PTSD.
As the process uses a series of simple exercises to invoke tremors that are then able to be self regulated, it does not require talking about or recalling past events and does not require the ongoing assistance of a therapist for the vast majority of people, meaning the process can be used on your own on an ongoing basis to support and enhance other approaches.
Dr David Berceli


What is TRE® ?

From birth to adulthood we can never escape the fact that life happens, however with TRE® we can manage the associated stress and anxiety that can follow from being held in the body for many years. Stress, Tension, and Anxiety accumulated from everyday life circumstances and the more traumatic events over time can make you ill.

Symptoms can include:

Depression, increased emotional reactions, poor concentration, increased smoking, alcohol consumption and behavioral changes. This can create a downward spiral leading to deeper anxieties which can impact our well-being on a physical and psychological level.

By practicing simple exercises you can access a natural reflex, empowering you to physically release stress, tension and unresolved trauma on your own, without having to necessarily recall or talk about the past. This process happens in a safe and controlled way.

TRE® is used worldwide.

Reported benefits include:

– reduction of anxiety, anger, stress, tension and post trauma symptoms
– better, deeper sleep
– reduction of muscle and back pain
– increases mobility, energy levels and autonomy
– resolves bodies trauma patterns neurologically
– reduced anger and rage
– release of emotions from mild upset to severe anxiety
– balancing of the nervous system

A change and relief is often noticeable after only a few sessions. Healing occurs on many different levels both physical and emotional. By reducing stress and tension levels within the body, these exercises have secondary benefits that encompass many areas of an individual’s life. TRE is a simple and affordable process.

I am a certified TRE®-Provider and offer individual and groups sessions.


TRE®: Tension, Stress, Trauma Release – A Revolutionary Way To Feel Better from Bill Oster on Vimeo.



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